Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Producer Shares Interest In Adding NieR Automata’s 2B and 9S

Speaking with Forbes, Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Prdoucer Toshimichi Mori spoke about his love for RWBY series and which game he had recently been playing. The game to that question was NieR Automata and that Mori believes that game is “really well done” after playing the game on PlayStation 4 and then on Steam.

Mori-san then added “Hey, we should release 2B and 9S on BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Yeah, that would be good. I would want to play that. Should I ask them? Haha.”

Currently, there is no word regarding any fighting games collaboration with NieR:Automata.

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle launched on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on May 31st, and in North America on June 5th. Unfortunately, fans in Europe have to wait until June 22nd to get their hands on the game.

Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season Release Date Revealed, First Trailer Released Online

Fans will be able to jump into the first episode in Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season on August 14th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Nintendo Switch owners will need to wait a little longer, with the game arriving on the Nintendo system later in 2018.

Pre-orders will commence for the fouth and final season on June 8th for $19.99. PS4 and Xbox One users who pre-order the game will receive every single episode in the previous three seasons to download.



Below you can read all the details and watch the debut trailer.


Clementine, now a fierce and capable survivor, has reached the final chapter in her journey. After years on the road facing threats both living and dead, a secluded school might finally be her chance for a home. But protecting it will mean sacrifice. Clem must build a life and become a leader while still watching over AJ, an orphaned boy and the closest thing to family she has left. In this gripping, emotional final season, you will define your relationships, fight the undead, and determine how Clementine’s story ends.

Key Features

  • Emotional, Gut-Wrenching Story – See Clementine’s journey through to the end. As she builds a new life, you will have to grapple with new types of choices and live with the consequences as AJ looks on, learning from your every move.
  • More Control, More Tension – A new over-the-shoulder camera system, greater freedom to explore detailed environments, and scenes with unscripted combat capture the fear of living in a world overrun by the undead and create the most engaging The Walking Dead game yet.
  • Striking New Visual Style – The all-new Graphic Black art style rips the ink from the pages of the Eisner Award-winning comic book series and brings the world of The Walking Dead to life like never before. Supports 4K resolution and high dynamic range on compatible devices.

Language Options

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – The Final Season will be fully dubbed in French, German, Latin-American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. It will also be subtitled in French, German, Latin-American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and both traditional and simplified Chinese. Episode one voice packs and translations will be available for download on launch day.

New trailer lands for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

A new trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released today. The trailer dives into the story of Miles Morales and his journey in a universe with multiple Spider-Mans, along with Peter Parker teaching him how to use his abilities.

The cast includes Shameik Moore as the voice of Miles Morales, Jake Johnson as Peter Parker, Lily Tomlin as Aunt May, Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson, Luna Lauren Velez as Rio, Mahershala Ali as Aaron and Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy.

The animated Spider-Man film will swing into theaters this Christmas. Watch the trailer below.

NieR Automata Total Shipments and Digital Sales Surpass Three Million

Square Enix announced on the official Japanese NieR Twitter that NieR Automata’s total shipments and digital sales have now topped 3 million worldwide.

In July of last year, Square Enix held a special livestream to commemorate the one million shipments globally milestone. Later, in March 2018, the company announced NieR:Automata shipped two million units worldwide.”

“Humanity has been driven from the Earth by mechanical beings from another world. In a final effort to take back the planet, the human resistance sends a force of android soldiers to destroy the invaders. Now, a war between machines and androids rages on… A war that could soon unveil a long-forgotten truth of the world.”

NieR Automata launched on PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 23rd, North America on March 7th and Europe on March 10th. The PC version dropped shortly later on March 17th.

Report: Tales of Vesperia 10th Anniversary Remaster on the way

A Tales of Vesperia 10th anniversary site has been discovered today by Gematsu. The site is currently not available for public viewing and is protected by password. Gematsu further reports that they heard numerous sources mention Bandai Namco will be announcing the remaster at E3 2018.

E3 2018 will be held on June 12th and conludes on June 14th. Later that week, the Tales of Festival 2018 will be taking place at Yokohama Arena in Japan. Bandai is yet to announce any details regarding the next title to release in the Tales of series. We will continue to update if more information is revealed.

Thanks Gematsu.

First Lego Movie 2 Teaser Trailer Unveiled

The first teaser trailer for LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part has officially arrived online. Chris Pratt has returned to reprise his role as the voice of Emmet, Elizabeth Banks as Lucy, Will Arnett as LEGO Batman, Nick Offerman as Metal Beard, and Alison Brie as Unikitty. Joining the cast in the new film include Tiffany Haddish as Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi, Stephanie Beatriz as Sweet Mayhem and Arturo Castro as Ice Cream Cone.

The sequel to Lego Movie will open in-theaters next year on February 8th. Watch the teaser trailer below.

New Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Trailer Drops

Yesterday, Disney dropped a new trailer for the upcoming ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2‘ movie. The trailer showcases the Stormtroopers of Star Wars, Marvel’s Iron Man, Disney Princesses such as Rapunzel, Jasmine, Merida, Pocahontas, and many, many more we could name.

The Wreck-It Ralph sequel will hit theaters November 21st. Watch the new trailer below.

Code Vein Launches September 28th; Collector’s Edition Announced & New Trailer Released

Bandai Namco has announced that Code Vein will be launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam on September 28th in North America and Europe. In Japan, the game will release a day earlier on September 27th for PS4/Xbox One, and the PC version will follow on September 28th.

Additionally, the company revealed a Collector’s Edition that will include a copy of the game, 17cm tall Mia Karnstein figure, ‘World Report’ artbook, official soundtrack with 22 tracks and a digital download code called “Bloodthirster”, which gives you three accessories and a mask to customize your character.

In Europe, this Collector’s Edition will also be available, however, unlike Japan, the artbook and soundtrack are digital only.

If you pre-order the game, you will receive a code to download the “God Eater collaboration weapons set”, which contains three weapons based on Soma, Alisa and Erina. All PlayStation 4 pre-orders will also grant you the ‘Code Vein x God Eater’ theme.

Japanese trailer