Monster Hunter Adapted for A Live-Action Film

Capcom announced a Monster Hunter live action film is being adapted by Constantin Film.

Written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil), tentatively titled MONSTER HUNTER will tell the story of “two heroes who come from different worlds” to fight dangerous monsters. Familiar faces like the Admiral will be making appearances in the film.

Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto commented about the live action film project.

After living and breathing in the universe of Monster Hunter for 14 years we are thrilled with enormous anticipation to see our creations adapted for a theatrical release. Monster Hunter’s fan base has exploded over the past year with the runaway success of the game Monster Hunter: World™. It is our hope long-time fans and new alike will join us on this exciting exploration of the Monster Hunter universe.

Filming will take place in South Africa and Namibia in October.

Toho Film will handle distributions in Japan, Tencent Pictures in China, and Constantin Film in German-speaking territories. In the US, the film will be release by Sony’s Screen Gems. International distribution for the Monster Hunter live action film will be handled by Sony Pictures.

This is the second live action film Capcom announced in two days. Yesterday, a Mega Man live action film was announced.

Final Fantasy XIV Comes to Monster Hunter: World Today

Today, Monster Hunter: World is welcoming Final Fantasy XIV and adds MMO mechanics in the collaboration event via the August Title Update.

The collaboration event also adds the Behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV, and it can prove to be difficult to battle against. Capcom community manager Yuri Araujo written helpful hints and strategies to take on the Behemoth in Monster Hunter: World in the PlayStation Blog.

The Behemoth hunt will be available today, August 1st at 5PM PT / 8PM ET / 12AM GMT in Monster Hunter: World.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Link Coming to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on August 28th

Capcom is collaborating with Nintendo to bring Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Link is schedule to arrive in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on August 28th.

This is the second Nintendo’s collaboration with Capcom’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe announcement in the last two days.

Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate is coming to the West for Nintendo Switch on August 28, 2018.

Monster Hunter: World x Final Fantasy XIV Collab Release Date Set; Behemoth Update Trailer

Capcom and Square Enix has announced that the Monster Hunter World x Final Fantasy XIV collboration will begin at August 1st at 5pm PT/August 2nd at 1am BST.

The update will bring monsters from the Final Fantasy series into the world of Monster Hunter, where you can accept new quests and begin the hunt. Players can obtain weapons and armour from this event.




Monster Hunter 3D Animated Special Coming in 2019

Developer and publisher Capcom is partnering up with Pure Imagination Studios to produce a Monster Hunter 3D animated special, titled Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild. It is set to premiere worldwide for 2019.

Variety reported both Capcom and Pure Imagination Studio are producing and co-financing the project. Ultimate Spider-Man writer Joshua Fine is tapped to write for the animated special. Production is scheduled to finish this coming winter in time for the 2019 premiere.

Summary for Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild via Variety

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild will focus on an aspiring young monster hunter looking to make a name for himself. He stumbles on a terrifying discovery when he finds that his village is directly in the path of an Elder Dragon, which could cause a dizzying amount of damage and devastation for his home.