Flare’s NieR Automata 2B Figure Releasing in September 2019

After long anticipation, Flare has finally officially revealed the first details on the retail price of their NieR Automata 2B figure, expected release month, and the pricing of standard and DX versions.

The 2B figure is scheduled to arrive in September 2019, with two different editions being sold. The standard version will cost 13,800 Yen (Roughly $121.10 USD), while the DX Edition is set to retail for 20,800 Yen ($182.58 USD).

Pre-orders are now open:

Regular Edition

DX Edition

Regular Edition

The 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) from the famous action RPG game “NieR: Automata” became a 28cm tall figure.

All of the details, texture and 2B’s silhouette are faithfully recreated by Matsumasa Yoshizawa’s craftsmanship.

  • Regular Edition
  • Size: Approx. H280mm
    -Main figure (2B)
    -Virtuous Contract (sword)

2B sculptor, paintwork: Matsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT)
Virtuous Contract 3D sculptor: Takayuki Higashi

DX Edition

The 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) from the famous action RPG game “NieR: Automata” is brought to the real world as a figure by Matsumasa Yoshizawa’s craftsmanship.
DX version includes the 2B figure as the normal version, but it also includes alternative parts such as a face part without mask and a body without heat radiation skirt, that allows you to enjoy recreating much more situations for display.
Moreover, the set includes the tactical supporting unit Pod 042.

  • DX Version
  • Size: 2B: Approx. H280mm / Pod 042: Approx. H340mm
    -Main figure (2B)
    -Alternative part (face w/o mask, body w/o heat radiation skirt)
    -Virtuous Contract (sword)
    -Pod 042
    -2B Base
    -Pod 042 Base

2B sculptor, paintwork: Matsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT)
Virtuous Contract 3D sculptor: Takayuki Higashi / Paintwork: Matsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT)
Pod 042 3D Sculptor: Fumihiro Matsumoto / Paintwork: Yoshinori Yatake (ACCEL)

My Hero Academia Tsuyu Asui Hero Suit Figure Coming March 2019

Pre-orders for My Hero Academia Tsuyu Asui Hero Suit Version 1/8″ Figure are now open. Tsuyu Asui Figure will be releasing in March 2019.

Online Stores

AmiAmi – 12,380 JPY (about US$109.03)

Hobby Search – 12,150 JPY (about US $107.94)

Yoshinori Itou 


Pre-painted Complete Figure
Scale: 1/8
Size: Approx. H200mm
Material: PVC, ABS[Set Contents]
-Main figure

Sculptor: Yoshinori Itou
Paintwork: Aizer

Square Enix Unveiled New Figures For KH3, FFIX, DQXI & Left Alive at Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix has announced on its merchandise Twitter account new figures for their BRING ARTS and WANDER ARTS line at Tokyo Game Show today, as well as revealing the colored prototypes of previously-announced figures.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Axel/Lea Prototype & Kairi BRING ARTS figures

BRING ARTS Lea and Kairi

Mickey Mouse BRING ARTS figure


Final Fantasy IX

Zidane, Garnet, and Vivi BRING ARTS prototype figures

Dragon Quest series

Veronica BRING ARTS figure (Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age)


Senya BRING ARTS figure (Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age)


Jade BRING ARTS prototype figure (Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age)


Erdrick BRING ARTS colored prototype (Dragon Quest III)

Alena BRING ARTS colored prototype (Dragon Quest IV)


On top of the new figures, Square Enix are displaying previously-announced figures at their Square Enix Goods Shop booth.


Square Enix Reveals New Line of NieR Replicant & NieR Automata Bring Arts Figures

With the NieR Orchestra Concert commencing later today in Japan, Square Enix has revealed a set of new figures coming for NieR and NieR Automata.

All the figures below, aside from Kaine, A2 & 9S, currently do not have a release window or pricing. Square Enix will reveal more information for the rest at a later date.

NieR RepliCant – NieR Bring Arts


NieR Gestalt/RepliCant – Kaine Bring Arts

NieR Automata – 2B Bring Arts Version 2.0

NieR Automata – Adam and Eve

Adam and eve

NieR Automata – Popola & Devola

Popola and Devola.jpg

NieR Automata – A2 & 9S

More information regarding the release dates, pricing, and where to order the A2 and 9S Bring Arts, can be viewed here.

NieR Automata – Weapon Collection (Bring Arts)

NieR Automata – 2B Full Scale Figure By Flare

NieR RepliCant/Gestalt is a Square Enix title that was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in April 2010. The RepliCant version featured a different design for the main character, and was not localized for the West.

NieR Automata is an ARPG game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Via Square Enix Official Goods Japan@FLARE_WEB.

NieR Automata – A2 & 9S Bring Arts Figures Releasing Early Next Year

NieR Automata‘s A2 & 9S will be receiving their own Brings Arts figures early next year, Square Enix confirmed. 9S Bring Arts is set to arrive first on April 20th, 2019, with A2 to follow on May 18th.

The Bring Arts are small pose-able figures that include: Numerous different hands, faces, weapons, Pod 153 for 9S, baby machine lifeform from the Forest Kingdom for A2, and more.

Update: Both 9S and A2 are now up for pre-orders on Amiami. 9S is 6800 Yen ($60.71USD), and A2 is 7670 Yen ($68.48USD).

NieR Automata – 9S Bring Arts

-Main figure
-Cruel Oath
-Cruel Blood Oath
-Black box
-Hacking effect
-Alternative hand parts x5
-Alternative arm
-Alternative lower half of body part
-Alternative face parts x2


NieR Automata – A2 Bring Arts

-Main figure
-Virtuous Grief
-Cruel Arrogance
-Type-40 Lance
-Mori no Ou
-Head part
-Alternative hand parts x4
-Alternative lower half of body parts


Earlier this year, Square Enix released two sets of Brings Arts figures, that includes 2B and the machine lifeforms. Flare is currently working on a full scale figure of 2B, which currently does not have a pricing or release schedule.

Persona 5 Joker Nendoroid Coming in February 2019

Good Smile Company has started to accept pre-orders for the Persona 5‘s Joker (Phantom Thief version) Nendoroid today. The Joker Nendoroid is expected to release sometime during February 2019.

You can order the Persona 5 Joker Nendoroid from the following online stores:

Good Smile Company Online Shop – 4,800 Yen ($42.99USD)

Amiami – 3,980 Yen ($35.64USD)

Hobby Search – 4,000 Yen ($35.82USD)

Sculptor: Shichibee
Cooperation: Nendoron

“We’ll steal your heart!”
From the popular game “Persona5” comes a Nendoroid of the protagonist, Joker, in his Phantom Thieves outfit! In addition to his indispensable knife and gun, his mask is also included as a part that can be placed in his hand! You can recreate all kinds of scenes, like Persona summoning sequences and All-Out Attack finishes!

Two face plates, his standard expression and a grinning expression, are included. Additionally, his mask and interchangeable eye parts are included, making for a total of eight different possible expressions. Be sure to add him to your collection, along with the other Persona series Nendoroids!


For those interested, you can currently also pre-order a Futaba Sakura Nendoroid here, which is set to arrive in December 2018. Persona 5‘s Makoto and Yusuke will also be getting their own Nendoroids, though no release information has been revealed for those two yet.

Kingdom Hearts Riku Nendoroid Arrives This January

Good Smile Company has officially begun accepting pre-orders for the second Nendoroid in the Kingdom Hearts series. The Riku Nendoroid, based on his design from the first title in the series, will be releasing in January 2019.

You can pre-order a Riku Nendoroid from the follow online stores:

Good Smile –  5000 Yen ($44.95USD)

Amiami – 4,150 Yen ($37.31USD)

Hobby Search – 4,167 Yen ($37.47USD)

Sculptor: toytec D.T.C
Cooperation: Nendoron

“Take care of her.”
From “Kingdom Hearts” comes a Nendoroid of Riku! Unlike Sora, Riku’s somewhat mature aura gives off a calm and composed impression, even in his Nendoroid form! He comes with two face plates, a cool expression and a smiling expression, so you can display your favorite one!

Two different Keyblades, “Soul Eater” and “Oblivion” are included, and he also comes with two wooden sword parts that you can use with him and Nendoroid Sora (sold separately) to recreate the scene from the game’s tutorial! The Nendoroid is also fully articulated, allowing you to pose him exactly to your liking.

In addition, you can use both Nendoroids to recreate the final scene of the game, when they close the Door to Darkness, by using a door in your own home! Be sure to add him to your collection!

For those who are also interested in picking up the Sora Nendoroid, that will be out sometime in December this year. More details can be viewed here.


wf2018s: Kingdom Hearts Riku, Persona 5 Nendoroids, Figma, and more announced!

Wonder Festival 2018 has kicked off today, and with that, a wave of new figure announcements have been dropping all at once. From Kingdom Hearts Riku also getting a Nendoroid, Persona 5’s Ryuji Figma, and many new Anime figurines.

Currently, all the figures below do not have any release dates or pricing tag to them.

Kingdom Hearts Sora and Riku Nendoroid.


Splatoon 2 – Inkling girl Figma.


Persona 5 Figma – Ryuji, Haru, Makoto and Yusuke.

Persona 5 Nendoroids – Ren, Makoto and Yusuke.

Persona 5 Amakuni Figures – Tae Takemi, Haru (Phantom Thieves ver), Makoto (P5D Dancing ver)

Persona 5 Phat Company Figures – Ren, Ann (P5D Dancing ver)


Persona 5 Akechi Goro Figure (Phantom Thieves ver) By Kotobukiya

Persona 5 Arsene and Persona 3 Aegis Figures By Aoshima.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – KOS-MOS Full Scale Figure.


Valkyria Chronicles 4  Crymaria Lewin Figure By Max Factory.


Monster Hunter World Nendoroids.

Mega Man X Nendoroids.

Kirby Series Nendoroids

Dead or Alive – Kasumi 1/6 Ver.2 Figure By Max Factory.


NieR Automata 2B Figure By Flare

Tales of Vesperia – Yuri and Repede (prototype) figure by Alter

Via: Wonder Fes official, Hobby Japan, Amiami Hobby News, mitsumasamune.

Kingdom Hearts Nendoroid Sora is Coming This December

Good Smile Company is releasing Nendoroid Sora from Kingdom Hearts this December.

Priced at ¥5,000 (approx. US$45.13), Nendoroid Sora will include 3 different facial expressions, 2 Keyblades, a Paopu Fruit, an unlocking effect, and a pedestal.

Nendoroid Sora is currently available for pre-orders on AmiAmi.

Thanks, Good Smile Company.

The World Ends With You Final Remix – Neku Bring Arts figure Out This December

This December, Square Enix is planning to release a new Bring Arts for The World Ends With You Final Remix‘s Neku. The Neku Sakuraba figure will retail at 8,424 yen, and come included with three head pieces with different facial expressions, the ice attack object (as seen below), and additional hands to switch.

As for the game, that is set to launch on Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 27th, and in North America and Europe sometime during the Fall season.

Thanks Figsoku.