Next Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade & NT Live Stream Set for October 15

The next live stream for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade and NT is scheduled for October 15 at 8PM Japan Standard Time.

Director Takeo Kujiraoka will be going over the latest changes coming to the game such as character adjustments for the Arcade and the content in the October update for NT.

The last live stream introduced Kam’lanaut from Final Fantasy XI as the latest Final Fantasy character coming to the game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade was released in Japan in November 2015, then to PlayStation 4 as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in January 2018.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT Reveals FFXI’s Kam’lanaut as the Next DLC Character

Square Enix and developer Team Ninja announced Kam’lanaut from Final Fantasy XI is the latest DLC character coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade and NT.

Kam’lanaut will be arriving in the Arcade version on September 19, and in late October for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Character overview via Square Enix

Kam’lanaut deftly wields a sword that deals elemental damage and grows stronger upon a successful hit. He can also utilize the power of Esoteric Region to manifest an arcane area that debilitates the unfortunate souls who step into it.

In FINAL FANTASY XI, he is the archduke of Jeuno, a city-state with a policy of neutral mercantilism. Though lauded as a hero by his people, he secretly harbors a much greater and darker ambition.

Kam’lanaut is the fourth post-launch DLC character revealed, along side Vayne Carudas Solidor (FFXII), Locke Cole (FFVI), and Rinoa Hartilly (FFVIII).

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade was released in Japan in November 2015, then to PlayStation 4 as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in January 2018.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/Nt Next Character Reveal Broadcast Set for September 11th

Square Enix is set to unveil the next character to join the Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade and NT‘s roster in a broadcast scheduled at 8PM Japan time on September 11th.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival will also be featured in the live stream, to celebrate the second anniversary of the Arcade title.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade launched in Japan in November, 2015. The game later arrived on PlayStation 4 in January 2018, as ‘Dissidia Final Fantasy NT‘, with all the characters featured in the Arcade version, and also containing a new short story mode.

This year, Square Enix has revealed and released 3 DLC characters so far: Vayne Carudas Solidor (FFXII), Locke Cole (FFVI), and Rinoa Heartilly (FFVIII). This month’s reveal is new male character from the newer half of the Final Fantasy numbered titles.

Final Fantasy XV’s Citadel Coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT As New Stage; New Story Update on August 16th

In today’s Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade and NT brodcast, Square Enix announced the next stage that will be coming to the game. The stage soon to be added, representing Final Fantasy XV, is the royal Citadel located in Insomnia.

The Citadel stage will be available in the Arcade version on August 10th, and as a free update for PlayStation 4 users at the end of October.

Update: Additionally, Square Enix will be releasing a new update on August 16th for PlayStation 4 users. The update will add Akademeia Fountain Courtyard stage from Final Fantasy Type-0, and new story scenes. If you bought the season pass or plan to purchase the Rinoa DLC, that will also drop on the same day.

Dissidia Final Fantasy launched on Arcades in Japan on November 26th, 2015. The game eventually came to PlayStation 4 worldwide earlier this year.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT Live Stream Set for August 7

Square Enix announced the next live stream for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT on August 7 at 8pm JST / 4am PT / 7am ET /  11am GMT. The live stream can be watched on YouTube and NicoNico.

Producer Ichiro Hazama and director Takeo Kujiraoka will be appearing on the live stream to reveal a new stage and upcoming contents planned for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

The last Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT live stream revealed the third post-launch DLC character, Final Fantasy VIII‘s Rinoa Heartilly for August. Final Fantasy XII‘s Vayne Carudas Solidor and Final Fantasy VI‘s Locke Cole is available for purchase or free for season pass holders.

Dissidia Schedule Updated 3

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Rinoa Heartilly Coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT PS4; Debut Trailer

During today’s Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT broadcast, the developers confirmed Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII will be added to the game’s roster. The character will come to Arcade on June 12th, and in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PS4 as paid DLC sometime in August.

Below you can view the trailer, watch gameplay, see the alternate colours and outfits, additional weapons, and a new illustration of Rinoa by Tetsuya Nomura.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT New Update Adds Ace and Ramza Scene; Locke Character DLC Now Available

A new update has released for everyone who owns a copy of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The update adds two new scenes that feature Ace and Ramza interacting with the mainline Final Fantasy cast.

The second new playable character has also made their way to the battleground today as paid DLC. Locke from Final Fantasy VI  can be bought from PSN seperately or is available for those that have the season pass.

Locke Launch Trailer

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Adds New Story Scenes This Month; Final Fantasy Type-0 Stage Coming In August

During yesterday’s Dissidia Final Fantasy broadcast, Square Enix announced they will be adding new story scenes to the PlayStation 4 version of the game on June 21st. These scenes will feature both Ace and Ramza in them for the very first time. On the same day, fans will be able to play as the latest DLC character Locke, who is from Final Fantasy VI.

Additionally, the developers revealed the next stage to be landing in the upcoming update. Akademeia Fountain Courtyard from Final Fantasy Type-0 will be dropping in late August for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. In Japan, the Arcade version will be getting this stage in tomorrow’s update.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now out exclusively for PlayStation 4 worldwide, and Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade is only available in Japan.