Capcom Reveals Line-up for TGS 2018

Capcom revealed on their website the line-up, stage show, and schedule for this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Playable Titles available at the Capcom booth:

  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Mega Man 11
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Capcom will host the Monster Hunter: World Dream Match on September 23 on the Capcom Main Stage. Top 5 teams, who had won the Monster Hunter: World tournaments in Japan, South Korea, America, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, will gather and compete in two Dream Match quests. The winning team will be decided by the best finished times of the two Dream Match quests.

Monster Hunter: World Dream Match quests will be made available to the public on August 24 and end on September 28.

  • Challenge Quest: MHW Event: Chaos and the End of Law
    • Hunter Rank: 16 or higher
    • Field: Arena
    • Weapon Types: Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Insect Glaive, and Light Bowgun
    • Target Monster: Bazelgeuse
  • Challenge Quest: MHW Event: The Hunter and the Blue Princess
    • Hunter Rank: 16 or higher
    • Field: Arena
    • Weapon Types: Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Gunlance, Charge Axe, and Heavy Bowgun
    • Target Monster: Lunastra

Tokyo Game Show is held from September 20 to September 23 in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Japan.

Gamescom 2018: Resident Evil 2 Exclusive PC Gameplay Footage at 4K

NVIDIA GeForce reveals exclusive 4-minute gameplay video for Resident Evil 2, running at 4K 60fps.

Resident Evil 2 has already revealed screenshots and gameplay footage for Claire Redfield and Leon in 4K, captured on Xbox One.

Capcom is releasing Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2018.

Gamescom 2018: Resident Evil 2 – Claire Redfield Gameplay Footage

Japanese media site Dengeki Online has shared four minutes of Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay footage of Claire Redfield.

Resident Evil 2 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 25th worldwide. If you missed the Gamescom screenshots and the latest key-art, you can view that here.

Claire Redfield Gameplay



Leon S. Kennedy Gameplay


Devil May Cry 5 Launches March 8th, 2019; New Trailer; New Screenshots [UPDATED]

During today’s Inside Xbox at Gamescom 2018, Capcom officially announced that Devil May Cry 5 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8th next year.

The developers confirmed that the game will be present at Tokyo Game Show 2018, and teased more information regarding Dante to come.

The threat of demonic power has returned to menace the world once again in Devil May Cry 5. The invasion begins when the seeds of a “demon tree” take root in Red Grave City. As this hellish incursion starts to take over the city, a young demon hunter Nero, arrives with his partner Nico in their “Devil May Cry” motorhome. Finding himself without the use of his right arm, Nero enlists Nico, a self-professed weapons artist, to design a variety of unique mechanical Devil Breaker arms to give him extra powers to take on evil demons such as the blood sucking flying Empusa and giant colossus enemy Goliath.

The first arm Nico makes for Nero, the Overture Devil Breaker, looks plain in style allowing Nero to wear it inconspicuously throughout the city, but the hidden electric generator inside is enough to shock any demons that come too close. Adding a bit more versatility, the Gerbera Devil Breaker generates an intense heat that can be shot out as a highly powerful shockwave which can be used as a direct attack, reflect enemy projectiles, or even to propel Nero through the air and augment his evasion capabilities.

Combined with melee attacks using his ‘Red Queen’ sword and the long range firepower of his ‘Blue Rose’ handgun, the power of Nero’s Devil Breaker arms add dramatic adrenaline fueled action to the eternal battle between the forces of good and evil that plays out in the streets of Red Grave City. With the arrival of Dante on his flashy motorbike, the pair of demon hunters are set to try and save the city and find out what’s behind this latest demon invasion.



Gamescom 2018: 15 Minutes Of Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay [UPDATE]

IGN has shared 15 minutes of direct-feed Devil May Cry 5 gameplay, straight from the demo build that is playable at Gamescom 2018 this week. The gameplay footage is captured via an Xbox One X.



Update (August 22nd): Dengeki has now uploaded seven minutes of gameplay footage.


UPDATE #2 [August 22nd]: 4K gameplay footage captured on the PS4 Pro

Devil May Cry 5 is set to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next year in Spring. Capcom will be holding a panel next week at Pax West, where they will share gameplay, more information on the game, and also teased “special surprises” to come during it.


Gamescom 2018: Resident Evil 2 New Key-Visual & Screenshots

Gamescom 2018 has officially commenced, and to kick it off, Capcom has shared a new key-visual and screenshots for Resident Evil 2, that focuses on Claire Redfield.

In Resident Evil 2, fans can experience Claire’s journey through Raccoon City, in search for her brother Chris. The latest screenshots below show her traveling the city with a girl named ‘Sherry Birkin’ and shooting at mutated enemies.

An overview via the official Capcom Unity blog.

Claire Redfield has been on a mission to find her missing brother Chris – a mission that brings her to Raccoon City. Fans of the original Resident Evil 2 will be intimately familiar with the iconic scene of Claire riding into town on her motorcycle, shortly before meeting up with rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy and working together to escape the zombie hordes plaguing the city.

Surviving the streets of the once-lively city, Claire manages to make her way to the Raccoon City police station, hoping to find information on the whereabouts of her brother, Chris… but she finds something much more sinister instead. In this preview, Claire explores a new portion of the R.P.D. before encountering a small, young abandoned child hiding in the sewers and waterways beneath the iconic station. Long-time fans need no introduction to who this child is, or the reason she’s running scared; Sherry Birkin warns Claire that a horrendous monster is right behind her, and the next chapter in her fight for survival begins.

A mutated figure wielding a pipe is out to crush anything that stand in his way, and sets his eyes on our heroine as nothing more than a roadblock to be destroyed. The resourceful Claire will have her survival skills put to the test, but has a few weapons at her disposal – including a grenade launcher packed with flammable rounds of ammunition.

Carefully navigating the machinery and steam coming from broken pipes, it’s hard to tell where an attack might come from next. Conserving ammunition is key, and knowing when, and where, to get a few shots in may be the only thing between survival and certain death in this tense encounter. Sending the creature over the edge will reunite Claire and Sherry, but for how long…?

Just like with Leon, Claire will have her own, full campaign that takes her through Raccoon City, the police department, and beyond. Familiar faces from the original game have received stunning upgrades in this remake, using the RE Engine to scan real people, right down to their clothing, to bring the heroes, villains, and world of Resident Evil 2 to life. The new Resident Evil 2 wraps everything up in an experience that both veteran fans and Resident Evil newcomers can enjoy.

Resident Evil 2 is set to release on January 25th worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Monster Hunter: World Total Shipment & Digital Sales Top 10 Million Worldwide

Total shipments and digital sales for Monster Hunter: World has exceeded ten million worldwide, Capcom has announced today. As of August 20th, the series has topped 50 million units.

The game launched on January 26th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It later arrived on PC on August 9th. Monster Hunter: World is the best selling title in the series, and also sits as the number one top selling Capcom title.

Devil May Cry 5 Gears Up For Gamescom

Devil May Cry 2-5 director Hideaki Itsuno confirmed on Twitter that the development team has finished the first playable demo of  Devil May Cry 5, ten days ahead of the event.

Gamescom is the first convention confirmed, where fans can go hands-on with the demo. Currently, there is no word regarding the next line of events that will feature this demo build, or if Capcom has any plans to release it for all fans to experience ahead of  the game’s launch.

Gamescom takes place from August 21st and concludes on August 25th. Devil May Cry 5 will also be having a panel at Pax West at the end of the month, with new gameplay being shown and “surprises” being teased.

Mega Man 11 Demo Dropping on September 4th

According to the Xbox Store, Mega Man 11 will be receiving a demo for the everyone to download and play on September 4th.

The demo will allow players to traverse through the Block Man stage, fight enemies, and use the new Double Gear system, that has the ability to slow down time or boost the power of your shots to bring the boss down.

Mega Man 11 will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 2nd.

Via TrueAchievements.

Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Set for Pax West

Capcom will be bringing brand-new Devil May Cry 5 gameplay at Pax West on August 31st at 1:30PM to 2:30PM.

Director Hideaki Itsuno, Michiteru Okabe (series producer), Matt Walker (Capcom Japan producer), and Charlene Ingram (Director of Brand Marketing of Capcom USA) will be present at the panel. Capcom also teased “special surprises” that fans would not want to miss.

Legendary Devil May Cry director Hideaki Itsuno and producers Michiteru Okabe and Matthew Walker take a special flight all the way from Osaka, Japan to come show you all-new gameplay from Devil May Cry 5, and walk you through what makes it Smokin’ Sick Stylish! If you wanna know all about Nero’s new robotic “Devil Breaker” arms or are curious about our special surprises, this is a panel you won’t want to miss!

Devil May Cry 5 is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2019.