Ubisoft Planning Beyond Good and Evil 2 Beta in Late 2019

Ubisoft is planning to do a playable beta for Beyond Good and Evil 2 in late 2019, Michel Ancel revealed on Instagram.

Noticed by Eurogamer, ┬áthe creator replied to a fan saying “We aim for a playable beta for the end of next year.”

Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta

Ubisoft has yet to properly announce any details in regarding when players can jump into the world of the next Beyond Good and Evil game. If you missed any news from E3 2018, you can check out a new Cinematic trailer and pre-alpha gameplay here.

E3 2018 – Beyond Good and Evil 2 Cinematic Trailer, Pre-Alpha Gameplay & HITRECORD Partnership Announced!

Ubisoft debuts a new cinematic trailer and pre-alpha game footage for Beyond Good and Evil today at their E3 press conference, as well announcing a community art collaboration with HITRECORD.

Cinematic Trailer

Pre-Alpha Game Footage

Ubisoft is partnering up with HITRECORD bring fan creations to life in Beyond Good and Evil 2. Musical composer, writer, illustrator, singer, graphic artist, or a person with a creative bone in their body can sign up at HITRECORD.ORG.

Via Ubisoft

HITRECORD’s approach to collaborative creation is inspiring and aligns perfectly with the Space Monkey philosophy of transparency and participation in the development process. By partnering with HITRECORD, the community can tap into HITRECORD’s production pipeline and resources to start creating, collaborating and contributing right away.

HITRECORD Partnership Trailer