NieR Automata‘s A2 & 9S will be receiving their own Brings Arts figures early next year, Square Enix confirmed. 9S Bring Arts is set to arrive first on April 20th, 2019, with A2 to follow on May 18th.

The Bring Arts are small pose-able figures that include: Numerous different hands, faces, weapons, Pod 153 for 9S, baby machine lifeform from the Forest Kingdom for A2, and more.

Update: Both 9S and A2 are now up for pre-orders on Amiami. 9S is 6800 Yen ($60.71USD), and A2 is 7670 Yen ($68.48USD).

NieR Automata – 9S Bring Arts

-Main figure
-Cruel Oath
-Cruel Blood Oath
-Black box
-Hacking effect
-Alternative hand parts x5
-Alternative arm
-Alternative lower half of body part
-Alternative face parts x2


NieR Automata – A2 Bring Arts

-Main figure
-Virtuous Grief
-Cruel Arrogance
-Type-40 Lance
-Mori no Ou
-Head part
-Alternative hand parts x4
-Alternative lower half of body parts


Earlier this year, Square Enix released two sets of Brings Arts figures, that includes 2B and the machine lifeforms. Flare is currently working on a full scale figure of 2B, which currently does not have a pricing or release schedule.