Catherine: Full Body Gets New Trailers and Limited Edition

Studio Zero held a very long live stream, revealing new trailers, collector’s edition, downloadable contents, and a collaboration with Persona 5 for Catherine: Full Body.

Studio Zero have announced the Catherine: Full Body Dynamite Full Body Box for Japan. Priced at 13,980 JPY (approx. US$124.76), the Limited Edition will include:

  • Copy of the game (PlayStation 4 or Vita)
  • Limited Edition box, illustrated by Shigenori Soejima
  • 4-disc soundtrack set
    • Catherine Original Soundtrack
    • Catherine Classic Arrange Soundtrack
    • Catherine: Full Body Original Soundtrack
    • Voice Actor Round Table and Audio Commentary
  • 44-page Catherine: Full Body artbook
  • Nero Glasses mask with 2 DLC codes
    • Nero Glasses
    • 10 Voice Types

Cathering Dynamite Full Body Box

Nero Glasses DLC is an in-game accessory with the function that allow Vincent to look at characters in sexy lingerie.

The second announced DLC allows players to switch voices for Catherine (original voice actress: Miyuki Sawashiro) with 10 different voice types. So far, Studio Zero revealed two voice types, “maternal” and “yandere”. (Check below to check out the trailers for “maternal” and “yandere” voice types.)

Lastly, Studio Zero announced a collaboration with Persona 5. First-print copies will come with a code which will let players to play as Joker in Babel and Coliseum modes. The other Phantom Thieves will be making commenting on your game play as Joker. This DLC will be sold separately at a later date.


Catherine: Full Body will be launching on the PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2019). The game was announced for the North America and Europe, however no release date or platforms were revealed.

Trailer #2

15-Second TV Spot

“Original” type voiced by actress Miyuki Sawashiro

“Maternal” type voiced by actress Ami Koshimizu

“Yandere” type voiced by actress Mamiko Noto

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