Final Fantasy XV’s Citadel Coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT As New Stage; New Story Update on August 16th

In today’s Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade and NT brodcast, Square Enix announced the next stage that will be coming to the game. The stage soon to be added, representing Final Fantasy XV, is the royal Citadel located in Insomnia.

The Citadel stage will be available in the Arcade version on August 10th, and as a free update for PlayStation 4 users at the end of October.

Update: Additionally, Square Enix will be releasing a new update on August 16th for PlayStation 4 users. The update will add Akademeia Fountain Courtyard stage from Final Fantasy Type-0, and new story scenes. If you bought the season pass or plan to purchase the Rinoa DLC, that will also drop on the same day.

Dissidia Final Fantasy launched on Arcades in Japan on November 26th, 2015. The game eventually came to PlayStation 4 worldwide earlier this year.

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