Square Enix Teasing Bravely Default Announcement

A couple days ago, Nintendo reported that Octopath Traveler had surpass one million in total shipments and digital sales worldwide. To celebrate that milestone, the developers released an artwork, which fans quickly realized it resembles another video game series.

Today, the official Twitter account confirmed the relationship between the Octopath Traveler illustration and Bravely series. Specifically, pointing towards Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. In the tweet, they thanks fans for supporting Octopath Traveler, and also that fans should pay attention to another game from Square Enix Business Division 11 in the future.

Prior illustrations may suggest that the Bravely series might eventually be ported over to the Nintendo Switch. One tweet from September 2017 simply shows Tiz guiding the way for the new travelers. At Christmas time, another tweet appeared showing Edea holding two Joy-Cons and the Nintendo Switch system in a Christmas stocking.

Bravely Default released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012. A sequel titled Bravely Second: End Layer followed in April 2015 in Japan, and a Western release in early 2016. A third game has not been announced yet, though the Bravely series did come to mobile devices last year in Japan.

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