Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3, Gummi Ship & Marluxia

Director Nomura Tetsuya spoke with Dengeki PlayStation about what he and his team are working on in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Nomura said the Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts 3 will have battle specialized mode and free movement mode, calling it the open world Gummi Ship. He mentioned the Gummi Ship is being developed by the director and staff of Einhänder, whom he is a fan of. (Einhänder is a 1997 scroll shooter game developed by Square.)


There aren’t any optional worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 so the players will have to visit all the worlds. The order to visit the worlds has mostly been set.

During the Kingdom Hearts 3 Premiere Event in May, fans and media went hands on with a demo that put you up against Rock Titan in Hercules and let you explore a portion of the Toy Story world. The reason they pick those two worlds is because they were closest to the finished product. The difficulty for the demo was set to be easier than Standard Mode but harder than Beginner Mode.

Upon the feedback taken from the demo, the team are making adjustments to the camera rotation. It had to be start from scratch which proved to be difficult.

Information regarding the new Organization XIII will slowly be revealed over time until the Kingdom Hearts 3‘s release. However, Nomura did divulged that players will have a better understanding of Marluxia if they play both Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] and Kingdom Hearts 3.


Nomura said that everyone’s stories will be concluded in Kingdom Hearts 3, which is one of the game’s propositions.

In the article, Nomura has mentioned about adding online elements, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 world.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is launching to PlayStation 4 ad Xbox One on January 25th in Japan and January 29th in North America and Europe.

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