Code Vein -Memory echoes- Comic in Dengeki PlayStation July Issue

Dengeki PlayStation revealed they will feature Code Vein -Memory echoes- in the appendix of their July issue. The July issue will release on June 28th.

Code Vein -Memory echoes- is illustrated by Kotono Shiroishi. Shiroshi has been credited in Fire Emblem Echoes Comic Anthology and Final Fantasy XV Official Comic Anthology.

Code Vein -Memory echoes- summary via Dengeki

The world which collapsed, and drama of those called “vampires (revenant)” which keeps supernatural power and humanity by sucking blood can touch its charm with comics before game release.

Code Vein Dengeki cover July

Character design lead Kurumi Kobayashi posted the concept art of the game, Luis and Blood Veils “Hounds” and “Stinger” in the official Code Vein blog.

Kobayashi also added a new artwork of Mia.

Mia concept Kobayashi

Code Vein is launching on September 27 in Japan and September 28 for the West on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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