New Code Vein Screenshots & Details on Multiplayer, Io Partner Blood Trials, and More!

Bandai Namco has released new screenshots and details on Code Vein’s multiplayer, the partner system with character Io, Blood Trials, and more.

Introduction of Io:

Io is not just a supporter in the base. When you gained enough progress, you can take her with you and use her as an partner character outside of the base.


Io can be counted as an all-rounder, who uses a halberd and Gifts to defeat the enemies and to support the player. On top of being able to use attack-type Gifts, Io can aid the player by raising your health and Her damage output is average, but she will follow the player and assist him in combat.


Io possess the Blood Veil “Ivy”. This Blood Veil is shaped like a scarf and stretches to her back. The enemy can be striked from beneath the ground.


Io has the ability to use different types of Gifts, wich goes from attacks to support:

  • Regenerator: With the boosting of the self-recovery of player and herself, she increases the recovery rate of their HP.
  • Panacea Essence: All status ailments inflicted on the playable characters will be healed.
  • Protection of Love: To heal the taken damage from the player, Io consumes her own HP significantly.
  • Lightning Thorn: Producing strong lightning bolts that blasts at the enemy in front of her.


The Co-Op Gift “Wedge of Determination” can be used when you are with your partner Mia. The blowback from enemy attacks will minimize when you trade off your Drain ability with this Co-Op Gift. This can be helpful when you are surrounded by many enemies, or when you are using a heavy weapon to deal more damage with one attack.


Introduction of the Depths:

The Depths is an unexplored land. The entrance was revealed by the exploits of the Public Order Preservation Force Cerberus, but they could not explore it due to the miasma blocking the path. A lot of danger and lost recources are said to be in this mysterious place.


“The Depths of Death” is an area under the collapsed city. Fog and an omnious air is surrounding this district and the traces of the remaining city. There are gaps in areas where you can view a few structures of the collapsed city in the distance above you.


New weapons and and Blood Veils can be obtained in the areas in the depths, which are not obtainable in on the original fields. Distress signals can be used too.


The Blood Trials

In the Blood Trials, you have to fight waves of the Lost inside the areas of the depth. It commences by touching the traces of red. After your victory against the Losts, you will acquire new upgrade materials.



You can call for a friend or another player, by sending out an distress signal. After this, you and your partner character, as well as the other player, can adventure together in a total of 3 characters. You should use it when you are unable to get past a difficult situation.

Items and Haze are dropped by an enemy during exploration. They are not only for the player who called for help, but also the other person one who received the distress signal, can obtain them too. The proficiency of the Gifts can be increased by support players. While helping the other player, your own character will get stronger.


The player character and their partner can be healed simultaneously by distributing the HP from the player who uses “Gift Heal”. Gifts, such as the reinforcement-style can be used too. Players can clear a dungeon with teamwork.


The communication between the players will work through emotion stamps and gestures. The stamps, emotions and voices can be combined, to your unique and own communication gesture. Those can be used on the field to cummunicate according to each situation.


Code Vein is coming out worlwide for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 28th, and a day earlier on September 27th in Japan.

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