Final Fantasy XIV Under the Moonlight Patch 4.35 Release Date Set

Patch 4.35 for Final Fantasy XIV is releasing on July 3, 2018. We will finally get a continuation for one of the most favorite side quests, where we are following “inspector extraordinaire” Hildibrand.


Another part of this patch will be the new deep dungeon “Heaven-on-High”. The deep dungeon will be the big tower in the Ruby Sea, which you can see from the whole area.

Rising high above the Ruby Sea from the island of Onokoro, Heaven-on-High is said to be the stairway traversed by kami descending from their empyrean home. Following the discovery of a secret entrance, the Confederate leader Rasho asks you to investigate the tower and brave the hordes of vile fiends that lurk within.

via Square Enix

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