Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts 3 Volume Size Being Too Big, Frozen, Mini-Games & More!

In the latest issue of Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura gave a new interview for Kingdom Hearts 3, about the downloadable contents, delay, and the volume size of the game.

Information from the interview:

  • The release date was pushed for marketing purposes and not for more time to finalize the game.
  • Frozen world will take place in the same timeline as the Disney movie, and the “Let it go” song will also play in the world.
  • Anna and Elsa will not be guest party members, but Marshmallow will assist you with his power.
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean world will take place in the third movie. The details for the second movie will be mention in a brief summary.
  • Ratatouille’s Remy is a mini game in Twilight Town. Remy can cook successful dishes to boost your stats, and the ingredients are collected from various worlds.
  • There is a music mini-game in the Tangled world. Staff has been are adding mini-games nonstop.
  • Classic Kingdom was planned by Tetsuya Nomura. He’d like to add more mini-games if possible.
  • A secret movie is in the works, but it’s not finalized yet.
  • They are considering to package the Kingdom Hearts recap videos in the Kingdom Hearts 3 game disc.
  • It’s hard to give a percentage of the development, but Nomura is worried that the volume for the game is too big and they won’t have sufficient amount of space. Staff are turning some cutscenes into movies to reduce the loading time.
  • The data for lip syncing to switch between English and Japanese voice-over is hard. Unfortunately, there won’t be a dual-audio option
  • Currently, there are no plans for a Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 3, but the game will be updated with downloadable content as standalone without season pass.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to arrive on for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on January 25th, 2019 in Japan and on Janauary 29th in America and Europe.

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