Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts 3 Aqua, Remy, And More

Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura sat down with Game Informer to talk about game yet was very coy with his answers.

Nomura stayed mum about why there aren’t any Final Fantasy characters appeared in a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer.

“I can’t really talk about any of the characters that have not been announced or shown yet, but just looking at Kingdom Hearts 1 compared to when that was released, there’s so many different titles with Final Fantasy characters or where all of these characters come together. I don’t feel that much of necessity of bringing these characters together like I did before. However, if you could look forward to information in the future, that would be great.”

Remy from Ratatouille’s appearance in the E3 Showcase trailer brought many questions such as is it for a world, a link (summon), or a mini game. Nomura confirmed Remy is part of a mini game where ingredients are collected across the worlds and deliver them to Remy.

In the Frozen E3 Trailer, it was revealed that darkness has taken a hold on Aqua. Nomura was surprised to the fans’ reaction to it.

“We had that scene with Aqua in that announcement of Frozen, and I was actually just surprised that there was the same or more buzz surrounding Aqua because Frozen was supposed to be the big reveal. I was just surprised when people were surprised she had fallen to the darkness. I, of course, know the entirety of the storyline, so in fact, there are more surprises and some even bigger than that. I just wonder if everyone will be okay.”

The Frozen trailer also marked the first time the Gummi Ship made an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3, but Nomura hinted the Gummi Ship will have new features.

Nomura did tease that Sora is not the only playable character in the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan and January 29 in North America and Europe.

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