Mario Tennis Aces Adds Koopa Troopa and Blooper as Free DLC But With a Twist

During a Treehouse Live, Nintendo confirmed Koopa Troopa and Blooper are coming to Mario Tennis Aces for free after the summer but a Nintendo employee clarified both characters can be unlock early.

Koopa Troopa DLC will be free to Mario Tennis Aces owners on August 1st. But if they participate in the online tournament in July, they will be rewarded with an early access to Koopa Troopa in the same month.

The same can be said Blooper DLC. Blooper can be unlock in September after participating in the online tournament in September.

These are nice incentives for Mario Tennis Aces players to participate in the game’s monthly online tournaments.

Mario Tennis Aces is launching on June 22 to the Nintendo Switch.


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